About Us

Have you ever sat around with friends and the simple act of what you are doing spurs a thought you just can’t shake? And pretty soon that little thought has your mind spinning and turning your life in a totally different direction?

Well, in the summer of 2015, Lisa Bastien was enjoying a chocolate dipped frozen banana with friends. And before she even finished her treat, she was convinced that chocolate dipped frozen bananas would be an amazingly delicious idea for a food truck!

Dipping back into her memories, Lisa was inspired by an old high school cheer and instantly had the perfect name for her food truck – Go Bananas!  And after eagerly performing that cheer for her friends, she knew her little idea was taking on a life of its own and it was going to become a reality.  With a bold and ambitious plan, Lisa recently launched her very own food truck named what else, but . . . 

Go Bananas! 


Go Bananas provides consumers an out of this world, gourmet chocolate dipped frozen banana. This fun food truck offers a refreshing treat that is gluten-free, trans-fat free and provides natural antioxidants.  Our bananas cater to the child in all of us!